“Coffee Circles” Table Runner

I put this together last week for my Mom’s 70th birthday present.

I’m very drawn to a modern style of quilting.  “Modern quilting” can be hard to define, but for me, it means bold colors and patterns for fabrics, sometimes in traditional pieced blocks, but more often not.  Pretty, not stark or angry looking.  Balanced, with a splash of color or whimsy…something unexpected.  I’m kinda looking forward to seeing how my quilting style evolves.

So, I picked blue for this because my Mom has china that is blue and white.  I choose the border fabric because it matched the center panels and also anchored the piece.  The circles were a little tricky.  I wanted something fun and surprising, but my Mom is on the conservative side when it comes to color and pattern.  I found this piece of coffee pot fabric in my stash and it had little bits of blue and brown, and it just seemed…perfect.

I stiched in the ditch around each blue panel and then again a 1/4″ inside to make a square.  I meandered (sometimes in a unsteady fashion!) around the border.  The cirlces are turned edge applique, stiched with my machine’s blanket stitch.  Then I hand embroidered a running stitch about 1/4″ outside each circle in yellow embroidery floss (2 strands).

Hmm, doesn’t show up in the pics very well, but looks lovely in person. (I must get a new camera…right after we get a new fridge…ugh).

I’m planning to do another runner, with greens for the panels & border and red circles.  Maybe just a bit longer and not as wide…we’ll see!



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