Modern Quilting is not new stuff

Came across an interesting post today from Naptime Quilter and wanted to link to it here.  Mostly because I want to be able to read it again and again.  But also because her thoughts are a wonderful summation of my thoughts.  “Modern” quilting is not new…it is a revitalization of old styles of quilting.  Simple shapes and bold colors that come together to make a quilt one is not afraid to use.  I don’t want my quilts to hang on a wall (unless they are a wall-hanging, of course!) but to be rolled up in, sat on, laid under and loved under.

I’m also intrigued by the Process Pledge put forward by r0ssie.  I like the idea of blogging during the quilt process, not just at the end.  Now all I have to do is remember to take pictures!

Right now, I’m starting on the green table runner.  I’ve got the center panel pieced and the border added.  Next are the circles.  But there is a hitch.  I can’t find it…I tore apart my sewing room today and am now in the middle of total chaos.  See?

To the right, table for machines:

To the left, cutting & layout table:

I’m trying to use my small space more efficiently and at the same time, find enough space to set up all my machines. I have two sewing machines, one embroidery machine and a serger.  I want to be able to use each of them without a lot of shifting around.  My older children are starting to sew and I want it to be easy for them to do that.

Hopefully, in the next day or two, I will get everything situated and sorted out.  I need to downsize some fabric and notions.  Those windows need curtains.  And somewhere in there is a half done top for a table runner.

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